VRM School of Dance

1. Do you hold private lessons?

Yes, I usually take private lessons at St Andrews in Monkseaton.

2. At our wedding, we would like our first dance choreographed- can you help?

Absolutely! Once you have decided on your CD choice, I will advise which dance is most suitable and choreograph a routine as intricate or as basic as you would prefer.

3. My husband and I might not be able to keep up with everyone in class- can we still come along?

The classes are very easy paced, so people of all ages and abilities never feel under any pressure. If you are worried, then you could always opt for a private lesson.

4. I don't have a dance partner- can I still learn to dance? 

I have a number of men and women who attend the courses on their own, this is no problem.

5. My husband is concerned he will be the only man at your class.

I get this enquiry quite a lot, but to put his mind at ease, I have over 200 pupils and at least half are male.